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Youth Arts & Sport 


Summer Boxing Camp

Englewood Community Center

Currently, Foster Buddies Network partnered up with Englewood Community Center for a spectacular summer program. We are offering summer Boxing classes for the youth.


Youth Development Program

at the Hartford Boxing Center​, CT

The Network will create fundraisers and help promote the Hartford Boxing Center. The Center is the first of it's kind in the Southend community. They are reaching out to the youth. Located at 162 Franklin Ave. in Hartford, CT.


Orlando Youth Development

in Orlando, FL


Our current youth program currently is at the Orlando Boxing Club. We cater to the youth in the sport of Boxing. We need sponsors for some of the underpreviledged youth.

Flag Football League, Orlando

Foster Buddies formed an NFL Flag Football League. We had over 400 participating youth competing. There were two season and SeaWorld was a sponsor for the league.The playing season was inspiring as the youth learned teamwork.



Art Bar Collective 

Our local partner is offering youth art summer camps in Orlando Downtown location. Thank you for assisting our youth!

Eastside Hoops, Orlando

Foster Buddies Network's Eastside Hoops Basketball League​ Orlando, FL

Our Network basketball league was also sponsored by the  Jr. Magic and Seaworld.  All coaches were volunteer parents and basketball enthusiast who enjoy helping the children. We would like to thank all those hands that took part in this successful program.


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